Good shapes arise through good ideas,
good work and good moods.


A well conceived construction is the beginning of everything. Yet this wording shows that we are dealing with pure brain work, better with the thinking. And that’s where we need people. Of course we work with the latest programs and modern CAD-systems, also the high complex filling simulation. Still a computer can only implement what you give him. Yet our qualified technicians perform the mental spadework. Every day with joy.


Precision may be a multiple stressed word, but in our case essential. Accurate measures and quantifiable tolerances are the Alpha and Omega in our branch. To ensure quality we use modern methods at all producing processes, including optical measuring for determination of geometry of workpieces or for proofing and observance of the given sizes according to the construction plan.

Mould construction

One sentence ahead: Yet we have our limits. Not with ability, but with technical facts that characterize us. So in mould construction we focus on the material aluminium, which we dominate especially well among steel. In this connection are the batch sizes of the pieces which can be produced with affordable aluminium shapes. The array reaches from basic shapes for sampling to preseries and series in scale of 200.000 pieces. For last mentioned we use special alloyings, which have proved to be successful.

Milling technology and deep hole drilling

The single work pieces are processed with high modern machines. This enables a precise, quick and therefor economical production. Different etching technologies, mirror finishes, scarring and rayed surfaces also count to our range. At all accuracy that we reach technically with our machines, the final control always ensues through our qualified and experienced employees, who perform the last fine sanding in the micro-range.

Injection moulding

Whether series or prototypes: according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 we produce tested quality with our injection moulding machine with a shooting weight of 20 till 7.500 gram. Only original pieces made of original material of course. By request you can have an initial sample test report.

Our machinery contains of facilities with clamp forces of 500 to 16.000 kN. The choice of the thermoplastic materials is up to you, but we also can give you advice. No matter what should be deployed, we can handle everything.

Among superb product quality, you can expect a complete transaction and reliable service from the first planning to the delivery of the pieces.

Injection moulding pieces

As enormous as our possibilities are the pieces which we produce for our clients daily. In the range of 20 to 7.500 gram everything from big to small, from simple to complicated geometrics can be realized. Small pieces in big layers or conversely, between one and nearly 200.000 pieces you will find the right one for you. We guide and advise you all along for the optimal design of the production process and we develop with you the best possible injection mould piece.


As a pronounced injection mould specialist, we are the partner of numerous branches. Our knowhow covers therefor the knowing of different specification and features with the materials. What is wished? What contains of the suitable features? At this we’ve collected a lot of experiences and can process all known thermoplastic materials in the technique.


A further procedure at us is the prototype injection mould. At this we produce prototype tools, which is easy to work with (aluminium) and where we can resign on needless things to save costs. This is how you get pieces in series material and with high dimension accuracy. They can simulate the series mission realistically and contain of production capacities just in case the series tools are not finished yet.


Small or big pieces, basic or complex shapes, transparent materials: Here you can see a section of our latest production at injection mould pieces made of aluminium shapes.

Our knowhow is your safety. Contact us.

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