Construction. Milling technology. Deep hole drilling. Mould construction. Try out.

Everything that has to be good needs care and experience. It also needs the ability to dedicate completely to a thing. That’s why we work for our clients with a lot of technical knowhow and constructive skill when it comes to mould construction and plastics technology. Quick, professional and friendly, also with difficult tasks of course. That’s why we are Wiegelmann. But see it for yourself…


From the construction to prototype tools to batch fabrication- we are the competent development and contact person for our clients, when it comes to mould construction and plastics technology in its whole variety.

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The globalization keeps producing harder conditions in the competition. Who wants to join needs partner, who are not only accomplished technically, but also can implement quickly. Wiegelmann- quality for your innovations.

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The nature of our work brings along that we prefer to perform it silently instead of talking loudly about it. Eventually we are working on innovations of our clients, which should be talked about at a later date. Silence is therefor our concept.

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